The Visionary - Prima Donna

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Woody's Notes
The Visionary
  • Intro – first 16 bars with single guitar, cut to 4 bars
  • Intro – next 16 bars with 2 guitars, keep at 16 bars, but only the first 4 as-is
  • Intro – remaining 12 bars of the intro, introduce strings, possibly a bass line (not bass guitar, but maybe a string synth bass), and a solo instrument, possibly melodica
  • Strummed intro – leave as is (I like this part, also the way the instruments and vocal come in on the first verse)
  • Strummed intro – possibly hold over high strings (from the intro) to provide continuity
  • Vocal – like the octave thing, keep it
  • Harmony vocals – I’m not sure. They need to be mixed forward a bit, maybe the re-record will make it sound better
  • Sound is a little muddy during the verse, especially the bass part. Maybe some equalization in the re-record
  • The sound is full enough during the verses, don’t need to add any instruments, but maybe a string line for the second verse will give it more drama
  • Guitar solo is fine as far as it goes, but it is the exact same thing repeated twice, then the same thing again after the 2nd verse! Need to add some new solo material to avoid the repetition.
  • Bass line is fine, but new stuff could be added
  • I like the ending

  • The structure and chord map shown in Visionary Chords document
  • Structure is:
    • Strum intro
    • Verse 1
    • Acoustic guitar solo (or possibly flute)
    • Verse 2
    • Electric guitar solo (key change)
    • Verse 3
    • 4 bar outro

  • New Lyrics:
Analyze your scan
Visionary Man
Give us the plan
Visionary Man

  • Drums
    • Should be muted for the first 4 bars of the strum intro
    • Should be muted after the first beat of the 4th bar of outro (final chord)
    • Should have a cymbal crash on final chord
    • Final measure of each solo, where the Am chord is played, need to come up with something for the drums
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