The Age of Man - Prima Donna

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Woody's Notes
The Age of Man
  • Intro (guitar only) - suggest shortening this to 2 iterations from 4
  • Intro verse – could use a little something with it, second guitar bass line, strings, a little percussion, something
  • Intro verse – at the end of the intro, a single strike on a tubular bell would sound ominous
  • AoM entrance - going to experiment with the bass line
  • AoM entrance – the syncopation notes (.. Age .. Of .. Man) need some kind of counterpoint, I suggest some drum beats
  • AoM entrance – vocal harmonies are very nice here
  • AoM entrance - drums need to rock more, more backbeat
  • Guitar solo repeats the melody too much.  Need to add some new parts to it
  • This song spends way too much time on the 1 chord.  This could be remedied with one or two chord changes in the verse-chorus parts and by adding a contrasting bridge part to support the guitar solo.
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