Just a Couple of Fools - Prima Donna

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Woody's Notes
Just a Couple of Fools (In Love)
  • Chord changes (see next page).  Mainly to add some minor transition chords.  Also some bass line cues (e.g. B/E is a B chord with an E bass note).  Some of the chords I’ve written here are guitar versions of something more exotic I would like to fill in with keyboard.  The actual changes to the guitar part are few.
  • Play with melody notes.  This melody is a little boring.  Too many up-scales, down-scales. For example, “you said you wanted to be” could change from C# B A    to   C# F# G# A.  Or some  such.  The melody can stay in the same vicinity as the original but jumping around a little more.
  • Lyric changes
    • I don’t like the first 2 lines.  Seems to start the story in the middle, also makes the girl sound too aggressive (or needy).
    • Don’t like the lines “Yes husband and wife we’ll be forever more.”  Can we think of something less repetitious?
  • Pick up tempo
  • I’d like to try some instrument experimentation.  For instance an acoustic guitar for rhythm with a non-distorted electric for hooks.
  • I will add some piano ornamentation, either acoustic (sound) or electric
  • I will suggest bass line changes
    • No more playing fifths, single bass notes only
    • Second line of each verse, follow the chord instead of staying on E
  • Some rewrite of backing vocals.  I suggest straddling the melody to avoid falsetto in most places.
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