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Gems & Tidbits
Not everything is what it appears to be. Here are some hidden gems and interesting tidbits of the album Future Feelings, both old and new.

** General Stuff **
The name Prima Donna comes from our Military Occupation Specialties (MOS). Somewhere around 1980, the MOS 35B (Electronic Instrument Repairer) and MOS 35H (Test, Measurement, And Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist), were combined into the single MOS of 35H. Because we did actual component repair as well as testing and calibration of electronics, as opposed to other electronic MOS who did module replacement, we considered ourselves superior. The prima donnas of electronics.

We were going to be sending out ~50 cassettes to our families and friends, so to save us some money we bought 25 high-quality 90 minute cassette tapes and 25 bottom-of-the-barrel cassette tapes. I then fast forwarded the good tapes to the 45-minute mark and cut the tape. Finally, I pulled all of the tape out of the cheap cassettes and threw it away, then wound in the good stuff. So no matter what the cassettes looked like, everyone got high quality tape.

As you can see in the chart below, five songs were shortened. Three by more than a minute. Three songs got longer, but only by an average of 22.6 seconds. Rock and Roll All Nite was replaced by The Legacy but that only removed five seconds. So over all the new album is three minutes and nine seconds shorter than the original.

Bob ended up being the most prolific song writer. Four of the nine songs are his. If only he would have named his forth song The Deadlocked In Love.

There are distinct sections to some of our songs. An intro, the body, and an outro (A.K.A. Jam Session). The Visionary and Quiet Before the Storm each have an intro and body. Future Feelings has an Intro, body and outro. New Dawn has a body and outro. Interesting fact: All songs written by Bob only have a body. My song has all three parts, two of Woody's have an intro and body, and one of his has a body and outro.

What's with the rat? This is a question that has been asked a few times. Simply put, the rats in Germany were big enough that they didn't always look for a hole in the bottom of a dumpster to get in. Some of them jumped up over the side and got in through the top.

In the photo gallery you will see a (blurry) picture of a cast. That cast is on Bob's right leg. Bob is left handed. So I ever so slowly copied Bob's original drawing of the rat onto the cast. I also ever so slowly forged his signature.
I know some of you are now going to try and write on your outer right calf with your left hand!! You may also notice that the rat's tail was originally the o in Donna. That would change to the D before long.

Every measure of every song is in 4/4 time.... except for a single 6/4 measure. Can you find it?
My only hint: It's not in the same place in 2016 as is was in 1980.

All guitars in 2016 are played with standard tuning. In 1980 The Visionary, New Dawn, and Rock and Roll All Nite were tuned lower so I would have an easier time singing them.
The need to not push my voice was in part dictated by the one week timeframe for recording everything.

A big thank you to Ken for converting the original songs from cassette to the MP3 format in the early 1990's. It sure made life easier in 2015 and 2016.
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