Deadlocked In Love - Prima Donna

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Woody's Notes
Deadlocked In Love
  • Not a lot of comments on this song.  I always thought it was our quintessential rock song.
  • I always liked the “live” audience, I would leave that in
  • This song is pitched way too low for the vocal. Must be the lowest rock song I’ve ever heard
  • Needs a bridge. With a new guitar solo. And maybe a key change, but returning to the original after the bridge.
  • The first lines of the song are what I would call “verse”, but this melody is never repeated.  It should be, maybe with a second verse?
  • I may experiment with the bass line.  Not sure about all the repeated notes.
  • This is a very spare song.  Just guitar, bass and vocals. I wonder about adding a second guitar to it. Or maybe some organ or something. Maybe just more harmony vocals. I feel like the sound needs to be filled out.
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