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  1. The Visionary (Woody style): This is the version that doesn't have the OOOOs and does have my version of Woody's “Analyze” lyrics.
  2. The Visionary Intro (Shortened): Ken told me he thought the intro was too long. So here is a version that's forty seconds shorter. Hope you like it Ken.
  3. Just a Bit Wrong: A comparison of the bad and good “Just.” Yes it’s hardly noticeable, but it drove me just a bit crazy.
  4. Future Feelings (Body With PEHS): This is the version of the song with the Plainfield East High School Concert Choir singing the Oooos and Ahhhhs.
  5. Quiet Before The Storm (Ken's Demo): Ken's demo from January ‎12, ‎2008 that shows what the sequencer would allow us to do.
  6. Quite the Piano Storm:  I've never claimed to be a piano player and for this I wasn't even trying. I was listening to the original song, and I “played along with it” while the sequencer was recording the keys I pressed (or smashed). I only needed the approximate time and keys that needed played. I then used that as my reference for the actual piano sequencing.
  7. Quite the Piano Storm (W/original song): The original song with my “smashing” rendition of piano.
  8. Quiet the Phantom Piano: This one took me a few months to figure out. At the end of the guitars solo the piano plays a three note upward roll. Once everything was mixxed together those three notes sounded like four, with the fourth note being the same as the first. It was driving me crazy and I didn't figure it out until after all the CDs had been made. This track has 5 clips.
    1. Clip 1: The song with the phantom piano note.
    2. Clip 2: The song without the phantom note. (which is the version I have on the website now.)
    3. Clip 3: Just the piano as proof of only three notes.
    4. Clip 4: The 12 string guitar that caused the phantom note.
    5. Clip 5: The 12 string guitar that had an upward strum removed on the final three measures of the solo. They went from 6 strums to 5.
  9. A Spoonful of Sugar: The sound clip from the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” that inspired Quiet Before the Storm's new melody.
  10. The Age of Man Bell Choices: Here are the three choices for the tubular bell strike.
  11. The Legacy (1980): An early recording by Bob.
  12. The Legacy (1982): My first recording of this song.
  13. New Dawn Outro (Ken’s full solo): This is Ken’s full solo as sent to me.
  14. Deadlocked In Love (Chipmunk Punk): The inspiration for Deadlocked In Love becoming a “Live” recording.
  15. Deadlocked In Love (Ken’s vocal): Here is the first version in the original key with Ken singing the vocal. There ain’t no way I’d ever get that high.
  16. Deadlocked Dead Vocal: See… I told you!! This is proof that I can't sing high notes like Ken can.
  17. Just a Couple of Fools (In Love) – 2015: This is the version we said was finished back in August of 2015. I guess we were wrong about that.
  18. Just a Bunch of Fools (In a Band): I guess you would call this a parody. Exact same music etc. but the lyrics are a “History of the band.”
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